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Deadlight Troy Barnes


Troy Barnes

Published March 2007
297 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Sarah isn’t like other girls. Ever since waking from the coma she has been different. A fighter with strength and agility plus a power she doesn’t truly understand. Some would call it a gift. She calls it a curse. She knows that there are no monsters that hide under the bed or boogeymen waiting in the dark corners. True evil resides in the souls of people who kill and she can see them. She can see all of them. Like an addiction she must hunt them down and destroy every last one. But how do you stop from going insane when the very thing that you are destroying is what fate forces you to become?When Sarah arrived in Carter City she didn’t know the twist her life was about to take. Who is the tall stranger in the tunnel that wants her dead? What does the quiet little man sitting at the bus stop have to do with everything? Can questions about the curse finally be answered by a curious old man? Everything Sarah knows is going to change, and with the help of an unlikely ally she might just survive long enough to see it.