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Karmaka Grandmaster Zo


Grandmaster Zo

Published April 4th 2011
96 pages
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 About the Book 

Karmaka is defined as of or from Karma. It is the wisdom gained, the lessons learned, from your Karma. In the context of this book, Karmaka is spiritual wisdom. All 3 books of Karmaka are here in a single volume, including: Spiritual Wisdom, Spiritual Movement, and Spiritual Reflection. Grandmaster Zo, author of Congruity Principle and Interview With A Guru, takes us on a breathtaking journey of insight and spiritualism toward the path of enlightenment. His teachings take the best elements of Karma-based spiritualism and combine them with 21st century physics, quoting both Buddha and Holographic Principle with equal ease. The result is an easy and fun read that goes straight into the light and makes sense of an otherwise confusing world.