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Essence & Folly: Twelve Short Stories Jorge David Awe

Essence & Folly: Twelve Short Stories

Jorge David Awe

Published September 19th 2011
ISBN : 9781462042289
108 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Set in and around a small town in modern-day Belize, Essence & Folly chronicles the lives of several poignant and comical residents from Santo Innocencio.A humorous fishing story of revenge gone wrong entitled Ole Gyal and Jackanapes exposes some of the difficulties arising from the generation gap between a cantankerous Mayan grandmother and her half-limey grandson.The Voice over the Water recounts Doña Elenas days of interminable melancholy and loneliness following the death of her husband. Three months after her heartbreak, the widow finds herself at the edge of a cliff , confronting her own mortality.Don Gabriel Loco is a madman serving out the final days of a twelve-year sentence for the botched execution of his ex-wifes lover. While in jail, he records the colorful details of that bloody evening in a diary. Eventually, through deliberations with God, Shakespeare, and Diablo, he arrives at the decision that he must finish what he started-in six seconds flat-the moment hes released.Believing this is his best shot at a normal life, a lonely bachelor enlists the help of a mule to pursue the love and attention of his neighbor in The Love Story of a Garbage Man.In Leonid and the Mini-Commander, a shopkeeper wonders whether his obsessions and compulsions are the result of prompts from a mini-commander hiding in a bunker lodged inside his head.